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Connect Plus

Get the cost effective two-way communication solution for broader voice, and easier, faster information sharing

Dramatically improve your business communication for a surprisingly low cost with the new generation of digital two-way radios.  

For only dollars a day your employees can be in constant contact with greater clarity, over a wider range for easier, faster, error free communication.  Longer battery life makes extended shifts and sharing equipment easier from one shift to the next.  With MOTOTRBO two-way radios employees can also communicate by text and email in addition to voice, and you can also have location tracking by adding software to the integrated GPS.

And all of this is possible for only a low monthly service fee and minimal upfront equipment and maintenance expenses.



Clearer, Wider Voice
The enhance audio of MOTOTRBO minimizes static and noise so communication is clearer and delivers easy-to-understand voice over a wider area than analog.  

Rely On MOTOTRBO Every Day
Unlike push-to-talk telephones, radios are built tough for the rugged demands of commercial activity.

Extended Work Shifts
You can keep radios in service longer between recharges.  Battery life is 40% greater because power needed for each digital transmission is half of what is needed for analog.

More Than Voice
For those times when written communication is better and easier than verbal, you can send and receive text messages using MOTOTRBO.  You can also tailor your MOTOTRBO radio system with customized data applications that support your unique business processes, documents and procedures.

Locate Assets with a Glance
By adding an application to the integrated MOTOTRBO GPS it is simple to track both people and vehicles for greater efficiency and faster dispatch.

Keep the Focus on Business
Professional two-way radios provide your staff with immediate communications between each other and your office.  They can get fast answers and deliver better customer service with no interruptions from non-business telephone calls.

Count on Proven Technology
Digital technology is already proven in cell phones, photography, television broadcast and even recorded music.  The time has come for you to get all the benefits of low cost, digital two-way radio communication.

Tailor Your Migration to Fit Your Budget
To minimize expense, you can begin upgrading your equipment to all the benefits of digtal at the pace that is right for your business.  Call us today, and we will help you assess your communication requirements and develop an efficient, cost-effective migration plan.