Industrial Internet of Things


The Connected World
Today, sensors have a digital voice. It's a voice that allows them to autonomously connect and share data with one another – and the back office – over an IP connection. Anything can have sensors attached to them: people, vehicles, pipelines, infrastructure, robots, and production lines, just to name a few.

The Internet of Things in the critical infrastructure sector can improve the flow of real-time information and enable equipment to be remotely managed and controlled. Dubbed ‘Industry 4.0’ for its potential to power a new industrial revolution, it promises to enhance the productivity of organizations while ensuring greater safety of workers and the community.

This connected web of things offers new opportunities to enhance operations across manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other critical infrastructure sectors. It can improve the way you collect, analyze and share real-time information to help your organization make better decisions. Machines can detect and correct potential failures before they become a catastrophe. And, it allows objects to operate autonomously while being monitored by personnel from remote locations.

IoT Components

Motorola Solutions' Industrial IoT solutions give your organization the power it needs to be more productive and the insight to help reduce safety risks. This allows you to better safeguard your personnel and communities, extends the life of your assets, and creates greater efficiencies across your operations.

Comprised of four different components, our Industrial IoT portfolio provides an end-to-end solution, customizable for a variety of applications. SCADA remote terminal units (RTUs) help you operate more efficiently with powerful process automation and expansive communication capabilities seamlessly integrated across your organization. M2M modems expand your organizational view and control by enabling further operational technology connectivity and data communication. A Network of Networks integrates devices across a variety of communications systems for enhanced reliability, coverage and the ability to better leverage the networks you already have in place. And, Partner Solutions deliver the complete integration and development of intelligent control and monitoring solutions from the sensors at the edge, to the application interfaces in the control room.

SCADA Remote Terminal Units

SCADA RTUs are made to help you keep your teams out of harm's way, reduce downtime and optimize operational efficiencies – maximizing the safety, productivity, and profitability of your organization. Our RTUs feature versatile interconnectivity over a combination of wired and wireless networks – including our two-way radio networks – for the most encompassing and reliable process automation and monitoring of your assets and field equipment. They also support a variety of other broadband and narrowband technologies including third-party analog/digital two-way radio, dial-up modem, point-to-point microwave, 3G/4G public or private, and Ethernet. And, they are standards compliant and compatible with a variety of common protocols including MODBUS and DNP3.

SCADA Simplified

The ACE1000 is a highly flexible, easily deployed RTU that's ideal for less complex process automation and monitoring applications. Its Linux operating system and remotely accessible, web-based management and configuration tool, minimize the specialized knowledge and time needed to deploy or expand your SCADA system for more encompassing control.

Motorola Solutiuons ACE 1000

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For Operations-Critical SCADA

The ACE3600 is designed to handle large volumes of data for more complex process automation and monitoring. With robust security features, scalable capacity and a high-performance processor it can connect to, and manage, any number of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), RTUs and other operational technologies while being remotely maintained through a single front end processor gateway.

Motorola Solutiuons ACE 3600

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Motorola's M2M modem is the simple and affordable way to easily connect to and communicate with, operational technologies across your organization and enhance your operational view and control. You can send and receive process automation commands to PLCs, monitor sensor data from a centralized control room and collect valuable information to better understand how your assets are performing.

Ensuring the Success of the Industrial Internet of Things
While the Industrial IoT creates smarter ways to work, it brings challenges, especially around security. Hackers are attracted to critical infrastructure – particularly the energy sector. In 2016, 75% of companies in the oil, natural gas and electricity sectors had experienced at least one “successful” cyberattack meaning intruders were able to breach one or more firewalls, anti-virus programs or other protections.

Standards are vital to ensuring that any new technology you add to your infrastructure can communicate with existing equipment. Open standards create confidence to attract new vendors, developers and integrators and ultimately lower the costs of products. Motorola Solutions are working to help resolve these challenges

Industrial Internet of Things ACELogic Demonstration

ACELogic provides a highly intuitive web based portal enabling anyone to quickly and easily design, create, and deploy intelligence at the edge without writing a single line of code.

Effortlessly create local logic applications in 5 simple steps for all of your automated operations across your connected devices including the sensors and actuators that are managed by the ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit.

Industrial IoT (SCADA & M2M) Solutions over MOTOTRBO™

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Industrial IoT (SCADA & M2M) Solutions over ASTRO® 25

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Unlock Intelligence Across Your Operations with Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Motorola Solutions' Industrial Internet of Things is helping organizations around the world realize the limitless possibilities that are unlocked when you connect equipment, infrastructure and people. And leverage those connections with solutions that work across secure, resilient and expandable networks, to automate operating technology and centralize its management.

Enabling Intelligent Water and Wastewater Utilities with Industrial Internet of Things

In a world where every drop is precious, Motorola Solutions' Industrial Internet of Things is helping Water and Wastewater utilities drive more intelligent production and greater reliability. Transform the Way Water and Wastewater Utilities Provide the Essential Resource the World Depends on With Motorola Solutions Industrial Internet of Things